Revue Ivoirienne Des Sciences Et Technologie (RIDSET) first appeared in 2000 and online publication started from Oct 2011. This journal published in English is a collection of the papers contributed not only by members but also by researchers around the world, and also contains review articles written at the request of the Editorial Board. Editing is done by both the domestic Editorial Board and an international Advisory Board composed of distinguished research authorities abroad. Popular topics and papers presented at the international conferences sponsored by RIDSET are featured.

To publish a scientific journal recognized by the international scientific community is a long-term work. Consistency in effort, patience and rigor at work end up overcoming the difficulties inherent in the environment. Like the departments of Sciences of Education, Letters and Human Sciences, the Ivorian Journal of Sciences and Technology meets the expectations of researchers from the Department of Science and Technology considered as poor parents of research to the École Normale Supérieure. This awareness should continue and allow researchers from the national and even international university community to enhance their scientific output. Hoping that the scientific community will welcome the first issue of the series A of the “Ivorian Journal of Science and Technology”, I encourage our researchers by the quality of their articles to help the survival of their tool for promotion and development . I am aware of the efforts of our science and technology researchers and hope that more resources will be made available for more dynamic and effective research. Since the publication of the first issue of the Journal of Science and Technology, a certain enthusiasm has been born among our Colleagues who have submitted numerous articles. In the analysis of the References, few articles were retained in each series. Dear colleagues Teachers-Researchers and Researchers, our duty is to preserve and perpetuate our common communication and exchange tool that is the Ivorian Journal of Science and Technology, now recognized by the CAMES (African and Malagasy Confederation for Education Superior). It is a privileged way to enhance our research. We invite you to submit to the Ivorian Journal of Sciences and Technology your articles as original as possible in both basic and applied research. The reputation of our young magazine will be confirmed over the numbers by the diversity and quality of the articles published.



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